Canon Reveals The Best Camera For Motorsports

Driver Gear, News I By Tom Martin I September 16, 2021
    Canon, the largest maker of cameras, has announced the R3, a new mirrorless camera body that has a large list of features that make it ideal for motorsports photography. Some of these features have been seen on other cameras, but they haven’t come together like this. As far as we know, this full feature list is uniquely suited to motorsports photography:   • Motorsports Subject Recognition autofocus which is machine-learning powered and trained for racing cars and motorcycles  

A red car driving on a dirt road Description automatically generated with medium confidence

  • Motorsports AI autofocus algorithms with “spot detection” feature that attempts to focus on the driver or rider’s helmet  

A person riding a motorcycle Description automatically generated with medium confidence

  • Eye Control Autofocus which allows the camera to focus on the area where the user is looking, something that could be especially useful when attempting to focus on a particular car within a group  

A group of bicyclists riding down a street Description automatically generated with low confidence


• User defined autofocus area so that user can prevent AF from being triggered by, say, a fence in the lower portion of the field of view

• Full-frame autofocus with 1053 AF points

• 5-axis in-body image stabilization works with in-lens stabilizers (example shot at 1/15 sec)