Speed Secrets: MI + A = G

Features, Racing I By Ross Bentley I October 23, 2013
MI + A = G. If you’re unable to do something, you’re missing either the Mental Image (MI) of what to do, or Awareness (A) of where you in relation to your Goal (G).
If you have a very clear and strong Mental Image (MI) of what you want to do, and an Awareness (A) of how close you are to doing that, your brain will make you achieve that Goal (G).
For example, you want to take Turn 1 at full throttle, and you have a clear/strong MI of doing it. As you drive through Turn 1, you’re very Aware of what your foot is doing with the throttle. With both the MI and A, your brain does its magic and literally makes you achieve your Goal—taking Turn 1 at full throttle.
However, if you have a clear/strong MI, but are not Aware of how close you are to your Goal (i.e., you don’t know how close your foot is to flat on the throttle), you won’t accomplish what you want.
If you’re Aware of how you’re doing, but don’t have a clear/strong MI of what you want to do (i.e., flat Turn 1 – being able to imagine every detail of how that looks, feels and sounds), you won’t accomplish what you want.
Got it? Make sense?
You need a clear/strong Mental Image of what you want to do. You need to be Aware of how you’re doing, compared to that MI. When you have those two, your brain will do what it takes to make them match—and you’ll achieve what you want.
MI + A = G. That’s your mental math for the week. Use it. Get a clear/strong MI, and then become super Aware of how you’re doing. Your brain will take care of the rest.
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