Racecar Profile: Radical SR3 RS

Cars, Features I By Bradley Iger I April 14, 2014
The SR3 is the most popular offering in Radical’s racecar lineup, with nearly 1000 examples delivered to customers worldwide. Designed to be fast and agile in the hands of both seasoned pros as well as novices, the SR3 offers incredible traction, light weight, and a wide range of adjustability to suit the driver’s requirements. Since its introduction in 2002, the SR3 has proven itself to be very competitive within multi-marque championships around the world, with a multitude of class wins to its credit. With its two seater configuration and advanced data logging capabilities, it is also an ideal design for driver coaching and instruction. Let’s take a closer look at the Radical SR3, as well as the extensive list of options and services offered by SR3 builders here in the US. 
Length: 161.4 inches
Width: 40.9 inches
$93,000 base, $125k highly equipped
70.5 inches
~ 1256lb (depending on customer specs)
Suzuki 4 cylinder, either 1340cc or 1585cc
Max. Power
210bhp / 275bhp
Stainless steel manifold and silencer
6-speed sequential or pneumatic paddle
shift system w/ auto rev matching
Fully adjustable Nik system front and rear, unequal length top and bottom wishbones, fabricated uprights, forged center lock hubs and interchangeable anti-roll end links
Four-pot Radical calipers with vented or floating rotors
Radical center lock, cast aluminum 
8" × 15" front and 10½" × 16" rear
MSA & SCCA approved safety cage, FIA Honeycomb crashbox
·       Suzuki 4 cylinder, 1340cc, 210bhp
·       Suzuki 4 cylinder, 1585cc, 275bhp
·       Pneumatic paddle-activated gear shift system with auto rev matching
·       Alternative gear ratio sets
·       Lightweight carbon composite bodywork
·       Carbon Composite hi-downforce race rear wing, end plates & wing support.
·       Carbon composite hi-downforce twin front dive planes
·       Lemans style carbon composite mirrors
·       Race lighting set – twin driving headlights, triple rear lights & indicators
·       Clear rear light lens
·       Radical graphics set
·       280mm x 25mm “floating” 48 vane disc brakes front and rear
Shock Absorbers:
·       Single adjustable bespoke titanium mono-tube shock absorbers
·       Triple adjustable bespoke titanium mono-tube shock absorbers
Fuel System:
·       77 liter (20 US gal) foam filled aluminum fuel tank
·       FIA specification 77Liter (20 US gal) fuel cell
·       Dry break re-fueling system (including dump can & stand)
Safety Equipment & Misc:
·       Forward stay head protectors – FIA shock absorbing foam
·       Carbon composite head restraint FIA shock absorbing foam
·       Ultrasmith adjustable headrest to helmet pad
·       Three zone Electrically-activated fire extinguisher system
·       AMB Race Transponder
·       Motorola Race radio system w/ ant, PTT switch, helmet mic & ear buds, crew radio & headset
·       Geartronics large digit gear indicator
·       Heavy duty cooling system
·       Spare center lock lightweight race wheels
·       Dunlop Racing wet tires
·       Air jack system with lance & hose kit
Cockpit & Seating
·       Passenger 3” wide six point seat belt – FIA approved
·       Scroth 2” wide Hans compatible race harness – FIA approved
·       Vinyl driver & passenger padded seat inserts
·       Single Hi-sided composite race seat
·       Low sided (wide) dual composite race seat
·       Ultrasmith Racing drivers dead pedal & raised anti slip pedal box floor
Data Loggers:
·       Traqmate data logger system w/ display, GPS module, and ChaseCam video option
·       Stack Dash display system w/ analog tach, LCD engine vitals, lap timer & corner speed memory
·       Steering wheel mounted dash & data logger w/ beacon & performance prediction
·     AIM EVO 3 steering wheel data logger w/ LCD display or MXL Pista high performance digital dash, 4 programmable buttons, 8mb memory, five channels plus one wheel speed channel, throttle position, brake pressure & steering angle sensor, integrated 2 axis G sensor, bullet video camera    w/ Chase Cam digital recorder.
·       Suspension logging option for any of the above loggers
Services Offered By Manufacturer 

·     Driver school and coaching
·     Trackside support
·     Trackside storage at PBIR (Radical East) or Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch (Radical West)
·     Radical racecar rentals (Radical East) 

Eligible Classes

·     SCCA – P2, CSR
·     NASA – SU, CSR

One Make Series

·    Radical Cup 

·    Immediate delivery for cars in inventory, 8-12 weeks for custom orders
Radical West/Spring Mountain Motorsports
Radical East

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