Help Inspire the Next Generation of Would-Be Racing Fans with The Longest Day

Features, Lifestyle I By Winding Road Staff I October 24, 2014
Chris Workman is a race fan, certified car guy, and father of three. As Chris explains it, his passion for all things automotive began when he attended an IndyCar race at Road America as a boy with his brother and father. Now Chris would like to provide a similar pathway for future gearheads to fall in love cars by way of The Longest Day, a self-published book that captures this moment through eye of a young boy who falls in love with racing through a bonding experience with his father. But in order to get the project off the ground, Chris needs your help.
The story of The Longest Day follows the 1956 running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans through the race adventures of a young boy named Jamison and his father. The book takes a unique approach by using the actual race events from Le Mans and overlaying a fictional storyline about Jamison bonding with his father, who used to be a racecar driver himself, at his first race. While checking out the race cars on display, Jamison’s father bumps into a friend who runs the Ecurie Ecosse team and the two get behind the scenes access to the team’s garage. Jamison becomes a fan of Ecurie Ecosse and cheers for the team’s Jaguar D-Type as they race for a grueling 24 Hours against some of the best cars in the world.
Chris says the idea for The Longest Day came from simple necessity:
“I’ve always been looking for good books about cars and racing to share with my kids featuring compelling stories, cool cars and enough authenticity that I could share my interests with my kids.  And I’m excited about the thought of other parents and grandparents sharing this must-read story with their kids!”
In order to get The Longest Day into the hands of potential life-long race fans, Chris has started an IndieGoGo campaign to help finance the cost of publishing the book. So far, Chris has funded just under $1900 of his $10,000 goal, with 23 days left in the campaign as of the time of this post. Go here to find out about the different levels of donation you can contribute, some of which cost as little as $10. Chris also points out that a portion of proceeds from the cover price of every book sold, including those pre-ordered through the Indiegogo campaign, will be donated to Generation Rescue, a global autism support organization.


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