Racecar Profile: Palatov D4PPS

Cars, Features I By Bradley Iger I June 17, 2014
Derived from the Palatov D1 sports racer, the D4PPS is a single-seat racecar designed specifically for hill climb competition. The D4 PPS, or Pikes Peak Special, also includes additional rollcage components as well as other reinforcements in order to comply with the unique regulations of the Pikes Peak hill climb.
Riding on the same modular platform used with other Palatov race cars, the D4PPS features an aircraft-grade, TIG-welded tubular 4130 chromoly steel frame, along with a body, floor, and "pilot pod" constructed from carbon fiber which work in tandem to provide a very high level of safety for the driver.
The D4PPS uses a proprietary AWD system and can be had with a variety of different engines ranging from a 250hp, naturally aspirated 4 cylinder unit, to a 500+ horsepower turbocharged V8, all with power routed through a Hewland five-speed sequential gearbox with Geartronics electronic paddle shifters. The D4PPS also features a PPS-specific aero kit that provides more than 400lbs of downforce at 100mph. This combination, along with a curb weight of approximately 1100lbs (or less, depending on configuration), allows the D4PPS to offer an extremely high level of performance when considering both its price and low running costs.
Piloted by David Donner at the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb competition, the D4PPS secured the win in the Unlimited class, posting a time of 10:04.652, which placed him in 5th overall, and just 18 seconds shy of a new overall record.
Palatov Motorsport also offers custom-built D4PPS configurations, designed to a customer’s precise specifications with factory engineering, fabrication and development support. Let’s take a closer look at some of the specifications and additional details:
Length: 113.00 inches
Width: 68.0 inches
Height: 40.00 inches (top of roll bar)
Wheelbase: 80.00 inches
$65,000 (rolling chassis), $120,000-$175,000 depending on specification
950-1100lbs (depending on customer specification)
Hartley H2 4-cylinder, normally aspirated, 250hp
Hartley H2 4-cylinder, turbocharged, 400hp
Hartley H1 V8, normally aspirated, 430hp
Hartley H1 V8, turbo, 500hp
Hewland five-speed sequential
Custom AWD system with chain drive and limited slip differentials
TIG welded tubular 4130 chromoly steel frame, carbon fiber body, floor, and passenger compartment
Double-wishbone arms, custom aluminum uprights, pushrod operated Ohlins adjustable dampers
Wilwood 10.25” vented brakes with 4 piston calipers
13×8 inch alloys with Hoosier 20×8-13 racing slicks
PPIHC-compliant rollcage, front/rear/side crush zones, composite "Pilot Pod" driver cell
  • Floating rotor brake upgrade
  • Advanced datalogger
  • Cockpit-adjustable brake bias
  • Carbon bodywork upgrade
  • Customer-specified paint
  • Paint protection film kit
  • Additional custom specifications by request
Services Offered by Manufacturer
  • Trackside and development support
  • Custom engineering and fabrication
Eligible Classes
  • Pikes Peak International Hill Climb: Unlimited Class
  • SCCA: ASR class (with additional modification)
  • NASA: Super Unlimited (with additional modification)
  • Immediate for inventory vehicles, 4-6 months on custom specification orders
Palatov Motorsport LLC
2124 SE 9th Ave
Portland, OR 97214
Phone: 503-709-6500

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